Court Procedures

Bayside Private Care specialise in helping clients being fully prepared and rehabilitated for all court procedures. A specialised A O D & Mental Health Counsellor can represent and work in conjunction with your solicitor in court.

We work closely with our clients making sure that all Bail Conditions, which can include Supervised Urine Drug Screens, Police sign in and any other court recommendations are carried out and documented while you stay with us in our relaxing inpatient facility.

Our Counsellors and Medical Team provide case notes, assessments and letters for court that maybe required during bail and rehabilitation steps.

DHS (Dept Human Services) have close connections with Bayside Private Care and our Counsellors.

By Rehabilitating Through our Holistic Program and the right documentation you will fully prepared for court with the support of DHS and Bayside Private Care.

THINGS TO CONSIDER (That a Court or Informant will expect for bail conditions)

  • Key-less automated security reg doors entry and release
  • In-house Urine Drug Screening supervised by trained staff officer
  • 24/7 staff to care and support through your recovery
  • Life time aftercare to show the courts that there is continuing care
  • The experience of the right counsellor to help with DHS and other matters.