Our 28 Day Program is the beginning of your journey to recovery

no to alcohol private rehab

The main aim of our 28 Day Program is to show you how to help yourself. With the support and care that our staff will provide, you will learn how to deal with the problems that have led to your addiction.

At Bayside you will be with us 24/7 except for Sundays, which are family days during which you will have the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones, away from Bayside facilities.

We have two centers at Bayside, the “Ranch”, where daytime activities take place, and the “Summit” where clients spend their nights.

Daytime activities at the “Ranch” will involve Counselling, Workshops and Group activities that may include

 bayside rehabilitation gym
bayside drug alcholhol rehab fitness fishing
gardening at bayside private care
Yoga at bayside private for drug rehabilitation
keeping fit durring drug rehab
Bayside private care swimming and fitness for addition rehabilitation

Mid-afternoon Clients and staff travel via min-bus to the “Summit”, where evening meals are prepared. From the “Summit” NA, AA, and Smart Recovery meetings may be attended.

Clients sleep at the “Summit”, and after breakfast in the morning clients and staff return to the “Ranch”, for daytime activities.

We help and ensure that all clients attend their Medical and Court appointments.